10 Marketing Ideas For The New Business

BLOG. Going into business is demanding in every way. The new entrepreneur has few financial resources and marketing often goes under the radar of priorities when you have to find customers to pay the rent or do your accounts to pay back taxes in time! Never mind, I’ll give you a few tips to make sure you put your energy in the right place and maximize your return on investment.

1.  Develop a value proposition:

This short paragraph aims to convince potential customers to trust you. Focus your speech on the problems that your products or services are able to solve and not on a description of them. Then use this rhetoric in all your communication tools and in your sales pitch.

2.  Find your niche:

Opportunity is a tempting avenue for those seeking customers at any cost. In the short term, if pleasing everyone can be a food strategy, over time it could turn into a trap that you can no longer get rid of and that will slow your growth.

3.  Invest in branding:

Creating a brand does not cost a fortune, but it can help you get instant credibility. In an image world, looking like an amateur will make your life more difficult.

4.  Learn about guerrilla marketing:

This is a series of techniques for doing almost zero cost marketing that really works.

5.  If you place advertising, make sure you can measure the results:

Offer discount coupons, a dedicated promotion code or even a separate phone number for each offensive.

6.  Do not overestimate the power of social media:

Even if this strategy is accessible, it will take a long time for you to invest better elsewhere. In start-up, every minute counts.

7.  Do not neglect telemarketing:

If you start a B2B business, the phone remains the most direct way to reach decision makers.

8.  Dare! Promote your products and services in an unusual way:

Be where you are not waiting. Being noticed is important in order to build a reputation quickly.

9.  Bet on Google:

Today’s search engines are yesterday’s phone books. Do not rush to launch a website if it is not optimized or if you do not have a strategy to position yourself advantageously on Google. In more competitive markets, consider investing with AdWords. Start with a small budget and measure your results on a regular basis

10. Go quickly into planning mode:

I know that it is unrealistic to advise all young entrepreneurs to build a marketing plan before starting their business, it would completely ignore the reality on the ground. However, once the dust settles, when the madness of the startup has faded, it is wise to take a step back and strategically plan the marketing function of the company and its activities. Most SMEs do not do this, I see it every day in my practice. So, be smarter and get a head start on your “old competition”. When everyone offers good products and good services, it’s often marketing that separates men from kids, not years of experience!