Efficiency Of Platform In Digital Assistance

The analysis of the first data (collected for the fifteen participants mentioned above) is very promising in terms of efficiency. It reinforces the idea that DomAssist is effective in supporting home equity and improving the well-being of seniors at home. Also, compared to the control group not equipped with the solution, equipped participants perceive as significantly increased their daily autonomy, their ability to adapt and control their environment.

As an illustration, we looked at participants’ sense of self-determination, that is, an individual’s perception of his ability to make choices and make decisions in his life in accordance with his own aspirations. Not much explored in the field of gerontechnologies, this feeling is well known in the psychology of aging and refers to a theory of the motivational processes of an individual to self-determination: the higher this feeling is in the elderly person plus his health and his well-being are of quality.

This feeling is reinforced in the person when he manages to carry out self-determined actions, that is, actions that serve the four dimensions of self-determination:

behavioral autonomy (the person conducts selected activities according to their preferences, interests and abilities);

self-realization (the person knows his strengths and weaknesses and acts accordingly);

self-regulation (the person chooses his own adjustments or means of compensation to cope with life events, in order to maintain his ability to anticipate the future);

psychological empowerment (the person is confident in his power to act and control his environment).

If the DomAssist solution is effective in supporting the individual’s autonomy and respects his strategies to cope with the difficulties of his daily life, then the sense of self-determination in its four dimensions, as a witness to the improvement of his health and his well-being, should progress with the use of DomAssist.

We assessed using a specific scale the evolution at six months of the four dimensions of self-determination of our equipped participants compared to the participants of the control group (not equipped with DomAssist). The results are unanimous: equipped participants all show improvements in the four dimensions of self-determination, especially for behavioral autonomy, self-regulation, and psychological empowerment. In other words, older people benefiting from DomAssist have increased self-determination through support of their autonomy in daily activities, respect for their coping strategies and strengthening their sense of control over their environment.

DomAssist impact on the self-determination of the elderly: average scores on the fifteen equipped participants and fifteen control participants at 0 and 6 months of experimentation. The scale is scored for each dimension in the form of percentages relative to the maximum score, a high percentage being a reflection of the participant’s high perception of self-determination.