Horizon Zero Dawn, one of the best PS 4 games in the Open World

Do you like to travel in new lands, in a world without borders  ? Then the title of Guerrilla Games (known for the Killzone saga ) could strongly seduce you! This new license has the ambition to become one of the best PS4 adventure game and gives itself the means to succeed.

Horizon Zero Dawn was announced in 2016 as the best ps4 game to come for the year 2017. Presentation videos were envy and the adventure seemed promising. It is rare to have an innovative title that offers a complete adventure and a world totally created from scratch. We reviewed it to see if all the promises made had been kept.

This edition also includes the extensions of the original game, which did not disappoint fans of the main game.

The story places us in a post-apocalyptic world, in which we play a sort of hungry Amazon, coming from a tribe that we will learn to discover during the adventure. The universe in which one evolves is composed of nature, immense landscapes … and robotic machines that resemble certain animal species disappeared at the same time as the civilization that we know. Where do they come from? Why did the man disappear? This is the whole story of this game that plunges us into an exciting scenario that we only end after long hours of play (30 to 40 hours of play!)

Graphically, without being as beautiful as God Of War, we touch the sublime, especially on PS4 Pro where the effects offer a realism bluffing to this imaginary world. Browse the plains and mountains of this universe is a real treat and we are lost with joy in these sets full of surprises.

We advance from quest to quest, in this game where stealth is important. It is indeed necessary to be wary of the machines, and to hunt them in an intelligent way. The slightest mistake could be fatal but each of these mechanical beings has a weak point to exploit during the fighting. You will understand them playing, to progress serenely. On the other hand, if the clashes with the machines are pleasant, those against the humans are a little less because the Artificial Intelligence of the latter is not really convincing.

The RPG aspect of the game forces you to fight to recover experience points and equipment that helps you advance in the quest for truth that drives you. Well done, this system is not as deep as the references of the genre but it brings a real plus.

As a whole, the game holds its breath despite a few minor declines in history, as tribal-related missions are less interesting than those that tell us more about machines and their origin. There is no real difficulty, the adventure is quite easy if you do not run away from the fighting, but some quests will ask you to think a little!

At the sound level, the soundtrack is very gentle rock wonderfully throughout the adventure. Without tiring, she is perfectly rhythmic and accompanies our journey on this land unknown as it should be.

The characters, main or secondary are interesting and the bestiary met reflects a real desire to create a new world , apart, which will mark those who will browse it. If you love science fiction, long adventures that make you travel and exploration, then Horizon Zero Dawn should delight you.