Top 5 Web Marketing Agencies For SMEs

Do you own a start-up or small business and are wondering how to develop your visibility and online sales? You are not alone: ​​at a time when nearly 81% of Internet users search online before making a purchase , web marketing is a major issue for almost all Quebec businesses.

Aware of the impact that a web marketing strategy can have on a business, our customers often ask us: how to develop a web marketing strategy? In addition to training in web marketing strategy , you can also request a web marketing agency to accompany you throughout your process.

The Rocket has selected for you the  5 best online marketing agencies in Montreal adapted to SMEs  to strengthen your online presence and develop your sales!

1. Digitad

Digitad is a web marketing agency located at the heart of the plateau in the Montreal Cowork shared workspace. Their ambition is to enable Quebec SMEs to achieve high web marketing results at affordable prices to maximize their profitability. More than 300 SMEs trusted them! It is undeniably one of the best agencies for SMEs on the market.

Services offered by Digitad:

Digitad offers a full range of performance-based web marketing services including:

  • SEO : SEO Analysis, Keyword Study, Strategy, Content Optimization, Link Acquisition, Mobile SEO, Video Referencing
  • Google Ads: Analysis, Strategy, Web Advertising, Bing, Mobile Advertising, Re-marketing
  • Advertising Social Media: Facebook Advertising, Linkedin Advertising, Instagram Advertising, Twitter Advertising
  • Social Media Management: Analysis, Strategy, Social Networks, Page Social Networks, Content Creation, Community Management, Contests, Video Publishing
  • Content Marketing: Content Strategy, Writing, Translation, Revision

Benefits of the Digitad web marketing agency:

  1. Affordable and transparent prices: Conscious of the stakes, the significant impact of digital marketing and SME budgets, Digitad offers 3 different packages to adapt their offers to the real needs of your company so that you can achieve an attractive profitability. This is the only agency that posts its rates on its website. Here is an example for rates in SEO .
  1. No contract: Digitad is a web marketing agency with performance. It does not require any signed contract from their client. The important thing is the trust that their client gives them and the results they bring to achieve the goals of their customers.
  1. Targeted expertise: Digitad focuses its offer entirely on the digital domain covering disciplines such as natural referencing, paid search, social media management
  1. A regional presence: Digitad recently launched new offices in Quebec City and Gatineau to get closer to regional SMEs

  1. Blog updated daily: On the lookout for new trends : The Digitad agency has a blog on which it regularly publishes tutorials and articles on new trends, new tools, best practices … it does not miss not apply to the strategies they achieve for their client.

2. Fuel

“At Combustible, the only measure of success is the increase of YOUR revenues” , here is the promise of the web marketing agency Fuel Montreal based. This agency uses web marketing tactics to help you increase the number of qualified visitors to your site.

Services offered by Combustible:

The agency Combustible centers its services on the implementation of techniques to improve the position of your website on search engines:

  1. Free SEO: external link campaign, SEO audit, local SEO, inbound marketing
  1. Website design
  1. Adwords management: targeting strategy, ROI tracking
  2. Content Marketing
  1. Email marketing
  1. ZOHO CRM Expert

Benefits of the web marketing agency Fuel

  1. Affordable prices: Their approach is focused on SMEs, it focuses on offering affordable services, tailored to the reality of your business.
  1. In- depth knowledge of several industries: Entrepreneur, B2B, B2C, e-commerce, medical marketing … Since its creation, the agency has covered several types of industries.
  1. Preliminary analysis offered: Get a complete 30-page analysis of your business and industry, your competitive positioning and your potential market.

3. Bang Marketing

Bang Marketing is a communication agency that offers several services to ensure the development of your brand including SEO and web marketing. Their main asset is to create marketing tools that will allow you to increase your sales, develop your market and your presence on the web.

Services offered by Bang Marketing

Bang Marketing offers strategy, branding, website design, SEO and web marketing services:

Strategy: Accompaniment, Outsourcing, Planning, Training, Advisory Services

Image: branding, notoriety, communication tools, internal communication

Web: website design, content marketing, email marketing, SEO, PPC, social media

The benefits of Bang Marketing

  1. A communication and marketing service in the broad sense: Bang Marketing mobilizes all aspects of communication, from visual identity to the implementation of web strategy. If that’s what you’re looking for you will definitely find relevant options.
  1. Administrative flexibility : You benefit from the services of a big company carried out by a small team, without heavy administrative and extravagant fees.
  1. Experts dedicated to B2C and B2B: The agency has developed strong skills and methodologies in the implementation of B2C strategy, B2B2C and B2C2B, knowing their stakes, needs and good practices according to different targets.
  1. Blog & Newsletters: Bang Marketing provides content continually through their blog and newsletter that demonstrates they are on the lookout for marketing trends. Follow “Stéphanie’s Marketing Moments” who share her marketing vision with you and the readers of the newspaper Les Affaires (196 tickets have already been written).

4. Rablab

Like Digitad, the Rablab agency in Montreal specializes in web strategy creation. Their goal is to mobilize all channels of web marketing to help you improve your positioning, increase your visibility, reach your target audience and improve your performance.

Services offered by Rablab

Rablab offers a wide range of services to help you achieve your business and marketing goals:

  • Natural reference
  • Paid referencing (sem / ppc)
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
  • Social media advertising
  • Social Media Management
  • Web design
  • The advantages of Rablab web marketing agency

Benefits of Rab Lab

  1. Targeted expertise: Rablab services focus on digital marketing and its main components (SEO, Adwords, etc.).
  1. Blog and newsletter: Rablab has a blog that deals with the topics of web marketing trends. Follow their news or subscribe to their newsletter to find relevant strategy inspirations that you can adapt to your web strategy.

5. Web Marketing Index

Index Web Marketing is a Montreal-based web marketing agency whose promise is to meet Google’s SEO requirements to elevate your site to the highest search engine rankings. It does not just design beautiful, ergonomic and functional sites for their client, but focuses on the visibility of the website on search engines. They count more than 500 mandates realized with 120 partners.