Yakuza 6 the song of life – One of the best PS4 games of 2019

Yakuza is a series of arcade game published by SEGA . The legendary brand launched this franchise more than 10 years ago on Playstation 2 and between remakes and prologues, there are no less than 7 main games that offer us to follow the adventures of Kazuma Kiryu , a Yakuza at large. heart that knows how to be ruthless when it is necessary.

Here we have the 6 th episode of a series based on combat and exploration. The principle is simple: in the manner of a GTA , you walk freely in the city to perform missions – main that advance the scenario, secondary to earn money or experience – and you fight against thugs of all kinds. Mi Beat Em all, half adventure game , the mixed is perfectly dosed and we quickly take likes to alternate scenes of dialogue and beatings of thugs as fun as charismatic.

What you need to know is that Yakuza is famous for its typically Japanese atmosphere . Our hero is the prototype of the Yakuza, classy suit, black sunglasses and dragon-shaped tattoo (the emblem of his family and his fighting style) but without being too cliché, because he moves away from the mafia codes in respecting rules that are important to him. This character evolves in a virtual version of Tokyo , and it’s hot neighborhood known as Kabukicho (here Kamurocho renamed  !). A real pleasure to stroll through the bright streets of the Japanese capital! As long as you are attracted to the land of the rising sun, it’s a trip from your couch that Yakuza offers 6 !

Here, everything seems alive: the shops you can enter, the restaurants, the alleys, the secondary characters … The power of the PS4 allows to pay tribute to Tokyo and immerse ourselves totally in a modern Japan!

In addition, for the first time in the series, we will go to another environment: the small town of Onomichi , much more rural … we leave you the pleasure of discovering it!

Graphically, the game comes out with honors, although some face textures remind us that we are playing a video game. However, the modeling of some known actors , like Takeshi Kitano, leaves a gap. The new graphics engine used for this game (the Dragon Engine) shows how much the series has evolved in the right direction.

If exploration is an important aspect of the game, the fight is even more! Very arcade , the grip is much more subtle than we think at the start and the timing of the attacks must be millimeter. The fighting is smoother than before, but still violent. We note that Sega has abandoned its system with different styles of interchangeable fights, for a system that includes a little all. In use, it’s enjoyable, as are the possibilities to use most elements of the set to defeat your opponents. Grabbing a bike or billboard to crush it on your opponent’s head is always good!

But fighting and exploring aims to get you moving forward in a well-constructed scenario. The story follows Yakuza 5, with an aging Kiryu. No need to have the previous games to play but the newcomers will miss some references. The script, well built, takes the classics of the genre and if you like Asian mafia movies , you will have the impression to live one!

The music and the dialogues are for a lot in the success of the game, just as the acting of the different protagonists. Too bad the subtitles are not available in French , because the Japanese VO and English subtitles, of remarkable quality, could hinder understanding for some players